Wick Portable Lamp
Wick Portable Lamp
Wick Portable Lamp
Wick Portable Lamp
Wick Portable Lamp

Wick Portable Lamp

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I am absolutely thrilled with the Miviano WICK Portable Lamp! This little lamp has truly exceeded my expectations. Its sleek and modern design fits perfectly in any space, adding a touch of elegance to my home decor.

★★★★★(5/5) - Vince K.

The Miviano Wick Portable Lamp is a versatile and convenient lighting solution designed to provide illumination in various settings. This lamp is characterized by its simple yet effective design, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It combines functionality with aesthetics to create a practical and visually appealing lighting option.



As the name suggests, the Wick Portable Lamp is designed for easy transportation. It is compact and lightweight, making it effortless to carry from one location to another. This portability is especially useful for situations where a temporary light source is required, such as camping trips, picnics, or outdoor gatherings.

Wick and Flame

At the core of the lamp is a traditional wick mechanism. This wick is soaked in a clean-burning fuel, typically oil or kerosene. When lit, the flame produces a warm and ambient light that can effectively illuminate small to medium spaces. The use of a wick and flame gives the lamp a nostalgic and cozy aesthetic, reminiscent of old-fashioned lanterns.

-Decorative Element

Beyond its functional purpose, the Wick Portable Lamp can also serve as a decorative piece. Its warm and inviting glow adds a touch of coziness and charm to any environment, making it a popular choice for creating a cozy atmosphere in homes, restaurants, and outdoor spaces.

Size: Ø 4.7, H 10.2 in

Battery life: 12hr -150hr, depending on the mode.

Light Source: 1W

LED Color Temperature: 2600K

Material: Plated Aluminum, Acrylic

Cord: USB-C

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium